Creating a customer-obsessed culture at Lindström

Customer experience has been a hot topic in many organizations for several years now, and for a good reason. Companies that focus on improving their customer experience enjoy the benefits of competitive advantage, stronger customer loyalty, and lower churn rate. While this does sound exciting, the path to developing customer experience is paved with challenges, and this path is different for every company.

Lindström has a long history, and it is safe to say that our customer-centricity has its roots in 1848, when the company was founded. With the introduction of Lindström Customer Journey, customer experience management the way we know it today, became a part of our everyday life in 2018. While we do measure customer experience and act on received feedback, not everything can – and should be – measured. Personally, I believe that customer-obsessed culture creates a strong basis for any customer experience initiative.

So, we create our own customer-obsessed culture by organizing CX* Week to celebrate our customers. This year, during 30 September – 4 October, our employees from different countries will focus on thanking our customers for fruitful co-operation and giving us feedback.

It is no secret that customer-centricity is not born within one silo. CX Week will also act as a launch for Lindström’s Perfect Day game – an internal game, engaging all employees into completing customer experience related activities, no matter whether they work in Sales, Finance, Marketing or Production. We will follow up on our personnel’s actions during this autumn, so stay tuned!

Finally, the CX Day webinar for our customers and employees will be a grand finale for Lindström’s CX Week. Together with our guest speaker Thomas Kolster, also known as Mr. Goodvertising, we will find out how a sustainable brand can offer excellent customer experience.

On behalf of all Lindström, I would like to thank our customers for inspiring and motivating us.

*customer experience

Daria Stigman, Customer Experience Manager, Lindström Group |

Understanding customers and developing to exceed their expectations is essential for any company’s success. My role is to make sure that relevant customer insight is gathered in a responsible manner and utilized across Lindström. And I love it!

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