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Acquiring Cintas positions us as Chinese market leader

We have been gradually expanding our market share in China since first establishing operations here in 2006. In the last quarter of 2020, we acquired Cintas’ China operations to support our growth vision in Asia. The acquisition gave us the clear market leader position in both workwear rental and the cleanroom business – as two of the biggest players in the market became one. This roughly doubles our personnel and turnover numbers in China, and will make us a more prominent player in this fast-growing market.

Edwin Xu

“The whole market responded positively to this acquisition and merger”, says Edwin Xu, Vice President of Lindström China. “Our customers regard this as a strategic investment by Lindström which shows full confidence in the Chinese market, and I believe that working with a stronger partner will make the business growth of our customers more stable. Our employees are also taking a positive view that with this new acquisition Lindström is accelerating the expansion of China’s already booming workwear rental market.” Xu continues, “At present, we have completed the integration of the personnel and the processes. I am very much looking forward to the synergies brought by the integration process. Our latest financial statements have shown growth in both sales and profits. I am convinced that as the integration work continues to deepen, we will see even more positive financial performance.”

Better service, higher value

The new Lindström China combines our expertise to offer customers more innovative and sustainable solutions in rental textiles to support their operations and growth. With our eight service centers, we can serve our customers across a wider geographical area and with a better service offering. We also aim to optimize the synergy benefits of increased efficiency and scale so that we can offer services to our customers even more cost-effectively.

“As a long-term partner, we are very happy to see our suppliers continue to grow, which may bring more value and a win-win result”, says Jeffery Fan, EHS Director of Solvay China. “We customers feel secure, as Lindström communicated quite proactively with us from the very beginning of the integration. Workwear cleanliness, efficient communication, and professional service have always been the key points for us when evaluating our workwear suppliers. And high-quality service is exactly what we are also expecting in our future cooperation.”

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