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Workwear for Ukrainian catering company

Foodicine, from Kyiv, Ukraine, is a medical catering company that offers a full range of catering services for healthcare facilities. The company’s staff use Lindström’s workwear rental service to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for patients and healthcare workers every day wearing professional clothes from the FoodInPrо collection.

Lindström’s workwear rental service is a very convenient thing. They regularly deliver laundered uniforms to our employees, put fresh sets in the separate lockers and pick up used ones. This is a high level of service!

Yuliia Zaboluieva, Deputy CEO, COO, Foodicine, Ukraine

Why did Foodicine choose to work with Lindström?

A few years ago, we were already considering cooperation with a workwear rental service, but perhaps we weren’t ready back then. During this time, our production has grown significantly, the number of employees has increased, and the uniforms have become a serious issue. That’s why we decided to try workwear rental service.

How did your company organize clothing servicing before?

For a long time, uniforms were sewed for us. Our employees washed and took care of their work clothes on their own. In addition to issues with worn-out clothing, this turned out to be quite problematic in terms of control and accounting, as there was a constant need to sew additional items of clothing for new employees.

How does Lindström’s service help Foodicine?

Lindström’s workwear rental service has resolved many key issues allowing us to devote more time to core business of preparing meals for patients in hospitals and for healthcare workers. New employees receive new clothes promptly, and each employee has a separate locker with a fresh set of clothes.

We are sure that our employees are always tidy and do not spend time washing, drying, or repairing their work clothes at home. What’s more, Lindström services workwear according to HACCP and BRC, which is crucial for us as a company that works under these industry standards only.

What do you like most about the Lindström service?

In addition to the comprehensive rental service of high quality, I would like to note the company’s customer service. Our manager always stays in touch with us and is ready to answer any questions, come to our production site, organize try-on, etc.

What are the benefits of using the Lindström workwear rental service?

The main benefit is that Lindström takes care of all the workwear provision and servicing for all our employees.

Would you recommend our service?

We are pleased to recommend Lindström as a reliable workwear rental service.

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