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Atria’s workwear strengthens the feeling of togetherness

As an everyday superhero, Waltteri Hakkinen runs into unique challenges on a daily basis. Hakkinen works at Atria as a Quality Supervisor, which means that the quality of Atria’s meat products, consumed by millions of people in Finland, rests on his shoulders. In his spare time, Hakkinen fights battles in a different ring as he is also a star in mixed martial arts. 

“If I had a superpower, it would be laser-sharp vision. I notice right away if something goes wrong. The best moment for me is when I get the problem solved. It’s a bit like succeeding in mixed martial arts. The dopamine flows in the same way,” explains Hakkinen. 

Being without quality workwear would be like being without a superhero cape for Hakkinen. “High-quality workwear is very important in my job. It guarantees that no impurities contaminate the production line. For me, it is important that our products remain safe and that the food is exactly as clean as we promise our customers. We have high quality standards and we stick by them,” notes Hakkinen. 

“Lindström’s clothes are like a superhero’s cape. When everyone has the same workwear, it feels like we’re all working towards the same goals,” he continues. 

The intelligence of Atria’s workwear creates cost savings 

Lindström’s and Atria’s cooperation began three years ago when the companies decided to pilot intelligent workwear at Atria together. The intelligence of the workwear is based on ultra-high-frequency, radio frequency identification (UHF RFID) technology, which enables following the lifecycle of workwear. Among other things, this means data about how many times the workwear has been washed, how many of them the customer has in circulation and where it is located. 

“We at Atria are aware that workwear plays a very important role. Our collaboration with Lindström has lasted for exactly three years, and we feel like it’s a true partnership. This means mutual care for one another in a cost-effective manner,” says Jarkko Kuusisto, Purchaser at Atria. 

“Lindström’s intelligent workwear technology has reduced the size of our workwear warehouse by over 6,000 pieces, which is a substantial decrease.” 

At Atria, the vision for the future is to get everyone in their corporation to wear intelligent workwear. Would you also like to offer the best for your everyday superheroes?

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