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Rebernia, a restaurant serving their customers in stylish workwear

Restaurant Rebernia prepares ribs and side dishes and serves craft beer from a local brewery – all while wearing Lindström workwear. 

Restaurant Rebernia partners with Lindström for workwear

More than two thousand Ukrainian companies use Lindström’s professional workwear rental service every day. In the food industry, we help partners comply with all sanitary requirements, including HACCP and BRC standards. 

Rebernia, located in Lviv, Ukraine, has been our partner since their establishment in 2021. They specialise in the preparation of ribs, side dishes, and serving craft beer from the Pravda brewery. 

Rebernia is a brand with an excellent reputation and chose Lindström for quality service, practicality, a wide range of models, and convenience. 

How did you previously manage workwear in the restaurant? 

We probably made the best choice when we started working with Lindström right from the beginning! 

How does the Lindström workwear rental service help in the daily work of the restaurant? 

Lindström has a very high level of service. The company provides us with a comfortable uniform according to all requirements of sanitary standards. The models of workwear are convenient and practical to use, made of high-quality material that dries quickly and is resistant to wear. 

Restaurant Rebernia waiter in Lindström clothes.

What do you like the most about the service, Rebernia? 

Lindström provided us access to the eLindstrom tool where we can easily choose the needed models for new employees, make necessary adjustments, and track each garment of workwear. It is very convenient and takes little time, which is vital in our work. 

What are the advantages of using a rental service? 

We are very satisfied that the company professionally washes the uniforms of our employees and delivers us clean sets in accordance with an agreed upon schedule. If the clothes are damaged, the company repairs them. They also hold individual fittings and garment selections for each employee. 

Are you ready to recommend Lindström’s service? 

We recommend Lindström to our partners because of their quality service and practicality, a large range of models and convenience, quick responds to any questions. Thank you Lindström for years of cooperation. 

Thank you for trusting us, Rebernia! 

Lindström Group