Quality anti-static workwear keeps your workers protected

Did you know there are more than 50 major incidents in the UK caused by static electricity? You can minimise your risk by clothing your team in our effective range of antistatic workwear. Created from the best anti-static materials and designed to avoid sparks caused by discharge, causing fire and explosion, our anti-static trousers, jackets and shirts are of the highest standards.

Why choose to lease anti-static clothing from Lindstrom?

Our workwear rental service ensures your workers will always have access to a full range of anti-static trousers and shirts. We will wash, repair and replace your clothing, allowing your staff to concentrate on the matters at hand.

Our workwear team can visit your company in order to properly measure your staff and allow them to work in comfort. Thanks to our comprehensive service, you can be sure your staff will look great and feel great and save you money by renting instead of buying full-scale uniforms.

Sometimes you require a bit of flexibility in order to cope with the unexpected. Not all anti-static clothing will be required regularly. We can reduce and increase supply depending on your needs.

Why choose to lease your workwear from Lindstrom?


Clean working clothes are always available


Cost-efficient solution – no need to allocate the money in stocking the workwear


Circular economy – small impact on the environment 


Workwear fulling the hygienic norms and work safety regulations

Hygienic and professional-looking anti-static workwear

Static electricity can be lethal and it can affect businesses of any size. In the 60s four of NASA’s top scientists were killed in an accident caused by static electricity. Protect your workers with our hygienic and professional range of anti-static workwear. Whether you are looking for top quality anti-static trousers, jackets or lab coats, our effective workwear rental service has you covered.

Our designers have listened to the leading names in the business to create the most cost-effective and efficient anti-static workwear clothing in the country. For more details speak to our workwear rental team today on 01234 343555.

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