Durable and Hard Wearing Mechanics Workwear

When it comes to mechanic clothing, you need something durable and hard-wearing. We have an extensive range of mechanic workwear that is created to withstand the tough day-to-day activities for a mechanic. Our clothing range is ideal for many working environments, including paint shops, body shops, garages, and industrial workspaces.

Our mechanic apparel rental service provides all of the clothing you will need for your business, we offer:

  • Mechanics trousers
  • Mechanics jackets
  • Mechanic overalls

When you choose Lindstrom for your mechanic uniforms rental service, you will get high-quality workwear for the whole team. The automotive work uniforms that are dirty are collected at regular intervals giving your team clean overalls as needed.

All of our automotive workwear conforms to work safety regulations and is hygienically cleaned. Using a rental service for mechanics uniforms allows your employees to concentrate on their daily tasks. We take care of everything, so your staff has clean mechanics overalls ready to start work each day.

Why choose Lindstrom for your mechanics workwear rental?


Clean working clothes are always available


Cost-efficient solution – no need to allocate the money in stocking the workwear


Circular economy – small impact on the environment 


Workwear fulling the hygienic norms and work safety regulations

Why use a mechanic uniform rental service?

A uniform rental service offers many advantages for businesses of all sizes. If you run a die-casting or maintenance shop, a paint and body shop, or garage, our service has the clothing you need. The main advantages of a uniform rental service for mechanics clothing include:

  • Clean work clothes always available
  • Cost-efficient
  • Work clothing is cleaned appropriately
  • Less environmental impact

With a workwear rental service, clean clothes are always available. A mechanic uniform rental service costs less than investing in a uniform stock. You don’t have to buy and stock uniforms for the whole team, the rental service provides everything your employees require.

Mechanic overalls come into contact with oil and other materials. Using a workwear service ensures clothes are cleaned appropriately and in an environmentally-friendly way. Uniforms are regularly cleaned and maintained with repairs carried out as necessary. Due to this, there is less waste and a lower environmental impact when choosing a rental service for mechanic overalls.

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