Industrial Wipers

Our cost-efficient service ensures you always have enough clean wipers and absorption mats in use and your premises stay clean thanks to the collector bins included in our service. Switch to a carefree service and let us handle the disposal of your hazardous waste responsibly!

Wiping cloths and absorption products for industrial and commercial use

Industrial wipers are essential in many working environments. Proper cleaning of spills and maintaining machinery with regular cleaning down of surfaces is vital for workplace safety. Industrial wipes clean up any waste properly so your workforce can continue with work efficiently.

Our industrial wiper range includes cleaning rags, wiping rags, lint-free cloths and absorption mats.

If you choose our industrial wiper service, you always enough industrial wipers and rags on the premises. The workplace stays clean with the collector bins we supply as part of the full package service.  We handle everything for you. The used industrial cleaning rags are collected, and hazardous waste is dealt with appropriately and according to the latest health and safety regulations.

We provide wiping and absorption materials for industrial premises and commercial use. Our range of industrial rags and absorption mats are suitable for use in printing shops, factories, garages, and more. With a variety of wipers and floor care products, our industrial wiper service gives you everything you need for handling industrial dirt and hazardous waste.