Health, safety and industrial workwear regulations.

Health and safety is the focal point of any business, with large penalties for companies that don’t comply. This is especially true when considering construction clothing, with the need for various items of PPE that include hi-vis jackets, vests, trousers and overalls to flame retardant and antistatic clothing needed for electricians. It can be a hard task supplying all these items, that not only comply with regulations but are also comfortable for the staff while maintaining a professional image.

However, providing industrial clothing for each worker can become expensive as items become damaged and need replacing. Workers join and leave the team, which again requires new workwear, while laundry takes time and money.

Lindstrom is different from other industrial clothing suppliers because we supply the workwear you need when you need it. The industrial workwear is provided ahead of use, collected after use, and then laundered and repaired if needed. All of this takes place to your requirements, ensuring your workers have clean, presentable workwear, at a price that is far more cost-effective to purchasing workwear outright.