Advantages of our ESD workwear

Safety is our priority when it comes to providing ESD jackets. Every possible step is taken to make sure our anti-static jackets minimise risk and protect workers. Our electrician workwear and ESD coasts are made using the highest-quality materials. Our specialist safety workwear provides the ultimate comfort while protecting the wearer from electrostatic discharge. The range from Lindstrom range includes electrician jackets, anti static lab coats, electrical safety jackets and anti static overalls

Advantages of our anti-static jacket

Your safety is of our utmost concern. We want you to work knowing that every step has been taken to limit your risk of injury. That’s why our anti-static jackets are the best available. Made from the finest material and designed for ultimate comfort, you will not find a better anti-static jacket that ours.

• Available in a range of colours to suit you
• Designed for ultimate comfort
• Comes in a vast array of sizes
• Offers practical storage opportunities
• Available as part of our workwear rental and laundry service