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Get To Know Our Online Service, eLindström

eLindström is an online intuitive environment that allows you to manage your customer account easily and quickly. Browse the latest product selection, keep track of use, make orders, and manage workwear decisions. With eLindström, you have access to up-to-date information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can use eLindström not only to order new clothes repairs and modifications. But it also provides clear and up-to-date statistics of the laundry service and regular shipments that we provide.

Save money by cutting away any excessive usage of textiles, helping you be more sustainable. With transparent and real-time data, you can optimise your processes and ensure that you have the right textiles in use, every day.

The Main Advantages Of eLindström

View all of your services simultaneously and online
Track your products and check the current processing status of your service request or order
All the required information in one place
Monitor your services one any device including mobile

Not sure how to use the eLindström app?

Have you lost the manual or forgotten the instructions from the initial training?

Download free manuals or watch our instructional videos to find out how easy it is!

175 years of history with Lindström group

With 175 years of experience in the textile industry, we offer a wide variability of services ranging from workwear, mats, restaurants and hotel textiles to industrial wipers, cleanroom and washroom services.

At Lindström, we focus on making our customers’ lives easier by supporting them to shine and their businesses to grow. Our easy-to-use textile services are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way of taking care of a company’s textile needs. We strive to create value for our customers in everything we do, executed with excellent customer experience.

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