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Lindstrom is a respected catering clothing supplier that provides workers with effective food hygiene protective clothing. We provide catering firms with a vast range of quality food production uniforms, including made to measure catering hats, black catering trousers and catering jackets. All our products meet the latest health and safety regulations, ensuring our food industry clothing is the best you can wear.

We take great pride in providing firms with the finest food industry workwear. Made from the finest materials, our food manufacturing clothing is designed to keep you safe at work.

Working in the food industry can be a dirty job. Depending on your role, you could be surrounded by various liquids and sticky substances that could stain your food industry uniforms or foods that could linger on your clothing if left. With our workwear rental and laundry service, you can guarantee your staff will have access to hygienically clean work uniforms every time they start their shift.

Food industry clothing designed with your staff in mind

Not only has our protective clothing for food handlers been designed to keep your staff safe, they have also been designed for style and comfort. Our uniform designers have held intense discussions with leading figures in the food industry in order to provide catering staff with the uniforms they need to fulfil their roles. That’s why our catering jackets are available in various sizes, come in short and long sleeves and boast straight sleeve openings that are adjustable with press buttons. Made using lyocell, our food industry clothing offers optimum moisture transportation.

Our catering trousers also provide staff with a full range of movement and can be personalised to complement your brand.

As a company, we provide food companies with the widest selection of protective clothing for food handlers. Check out our range of catering clothing below.

Create a stir with our catering uniforms

Lindstrom provides catering firms with a selection of quality catering clothing to choose from. We can supply a comprehensive range of food industry workwear including catering overalls, catering jackets, hats and trousers. Created from the finest materials our food production workwear is of the highest standard.

Our catering clothing was designed after intensive talks with leading figures in the food industry. We heard their frustrations regarding their current clothing suppliers and listened to their suggestions on how to make the best clothing for those in the catering industry. Our creations have won rave reviews for their appearance, feel and comfort.

Whether your staff are facing the public or not, you always have the option of stamping your brand on your catering clothing. Speak to a member of our team to find out how we can promote your brand effectively with your catering uniform.+

Our workwear service is here to simplify your workload and ensure your staff always have access to clean and hygienic catering clothes. Our team will visit your company and measure each worker to ensure they are equipped with a uniform that fits them perfectly. We will then deliver freshly cleaned clothes to their lockers and take away their worn items to be washed. Our team will also repair damaged clothes. This unique service ensures your staff can concentrate on work and not about ill-fitting or unwashed clothes.

Why choose to lease your catering workwear from Lindstrom?


Clean working clothes are always available


Cost-efficient solution – no need to allocate the money in stocking the workwear


Circular economy – small impact on the environment 


Workwear fulling the hygienic norms and work safety regulations

Catering Clothing For All Staff

Workers in the catering industry play an important role in feeding the nation. Whether they are packaging sandwiches in a bustling factory, dishing up meals from a food counter at a supermarket or serving people at a conference, our food catering workers ensure our bodies are constantly refuelled.

It’s imperative then that these workers are dressed correctly and have access to the most hygienic food industry workwear.

At Lindstrom we can provide your entire team with hygienically clean food industry uniforms every day. We can also ensure they have access to enough clean uniforms should they need to change for whatever reason.

With our workwear rental and laundry service, our team will visit your place of work and measure all your workers up for size. This will ensure your staff will be able to wear their food processing uniforms in complete comfort.

Not only is our workwear rental and laundry service a smart economic option for your company, it is also great for the environment too.

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