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DobroDílo and Lindström transform retired workwear into unique business gifts

An innovative concept with economic, social and environmental benefits was created when we combined forces with a Czech social enterprise, DobroDílo. Together, we managed to provide jobs to disabled people. At the same time, we create a second life for our end-of-life workwear and offer unique promotional gifts to our customers. The initiative received an award by the Zlatá Vážka, a Czech social business award.  

A Social enterprise DobroDílo dedicate to tackling employment challenges. They promote social inclusion for people with disabilities, and fostering local development. Since the very beginning of their operations, DobroDílo had been thinking about setting up a textile workshop. There, they would sew unique gifts and small items for daily use. The collaboration with us finally helped their dream to come true.

It all began when Lindström was asked for a donation to a hospital run by a non-profit organisation, Dobromysl, the owner of DobroDílo. “I thought that it would be better to develop a stable and long-term support that would be ongoing throughout the whole year. So I sent DobroDílo discarded workwear with video instructions on cutting them into scraps. Then I asked them if they could create some upcycled merchandising that we could use as promotional gifts for our customers. Gradually, they created a whole collection of upcycled items. They include key chains, cups, coasters, seat cushions and other items,” explains Zuzana Našincová, our Marketing Manager in the Czech Republic.

Our customers have been delighted. They receive merchandise that combines textile waste reduction while improving the lives of people disadvantaged in the labour market. Našincová happily shares: “I presented the upcycled gifts to our customers, and it was a great success. They were really delighted and loved them very much. Moreover, the demand for products upcycled from discarded workwear continues to grow.” 

Upcycled gift from Lindström workwear by DobroDílo.

Awarded for inspiring collaboration by the Czech social business award

The Zlatá Vážka Award, meaning The Golden Dragonfly, recognises social enterprises and their employees for their uniqueness and contribution to society. It aims to promote the employment of disabled citizens and the work of social enterprises. This inspires cooperation between social enterprises, corporate companies, state administration and local government. 

Our collaboration project of creating upcycled products from discarded work clothes won first place in the Inspiring Collaboration category. This category highlights the most exciting cooperation between a social enterprise and the administration or businesses. 

Zlatá Vážka Award is an initiative of the association “Declaration of Responsible Entrepreneurship” (an umbrella organisation covering more than 100 social enterprises in the Czech Republic). It has support from the ČSOB bank group and the Chamber of Deputies. The award was organised for the first time in 2023. The timing is not coincidental – a law on social entrepreneurship is being prepared in the Czech Republic. Social enterprises are currently beginning to profile themselves as a modern and progressive part of the labour market. 

The win-win-win collaboration with DobroDílo 

The collaboration benefits us, our customers and the community.

  1. Textile waste reduction: The initiative aligns perfectly with our goal of recycling 100% of our textile waste. Upcycling our retired workwear into promotional gifts serves as an excellent example of sustainable production and efficient use of resources.   
  2. Empoweringdisabled people: By providing employment opportunities, we improve the lives and work prospects of people who face disadvantages in the labour market. 
  3. Innovative merchandising gifts: Our customers love unique gifts that contribute to both social and environmental responsibility. The inspiring gifts include them in the circle of committing good. 

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