Together with UNICEF for more sustainable water management

On the World Water Day 22 March we had a discussion with UNICEF’s Tarmo Heikkilä about water scarcity, sustainable water management, and UNICEF’s work in India that we have supported for the past 16 years. Learn more about those topics in the video clips below.

Tarmo shared that 450 million children live in the areas where they struggle to get access to clean and safe water. Learn what UNICEF and Lindström are doing to preserve our water resources.

Read more here how we optimise the water usage in our laundries.

Our partnership with UNICEF has lasted for 16 years and during those years we have seen great progress in people’s access to clean water, safe sanitation and improved hygiene practices.

WASH is an acronym that comes from the words Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Learn what UNICEF’s WASH program is all about.