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The sound of a garment factory

Growing together as partners

Who made my clothes? This is a question that is increasingly important in today’s global world. Lindström workwear is manufactured by carefully selected, long-term partners and, more and more often, in our own production facilities. This approach ensures employee well-being, health, safety, and decent work for all.

When our experienced sourcing professional Kristiina Tiilikainen entered the facilities of B. Textile in Madagascar for the first time in 2012, she immediately noticed that it sounded different from most garment factories. It had a homemade rather than industrial sound.

“We noticed that the production was not as efficient as it could have been, but we decided to start purchasing workwear from this family-owned business and develop the operations together. It has been great to see the development path of the company,” Kristiina Tiilikainen says.

While making processes more efficient, they have improved their employees’ safety and well-being too. This is really important for Lindström.

Head of Category Kristiina Tiilikainen, Lindström Group
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