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The importance of a hygienic healthcare uniform

Have you considered the importance of your healthcare uniform? In the healthcare industry maintaining hygiene standards is vital. Premises need to be clinically clean, and the staff must observe good hygiene practices. However, it doesn’t stop there, as the uniforms that healthcare staff wear every day must be clean and hygienic too.

Giving your healthcare staff a sanitary uniform is a significant first step towards controlling the spread of infection. Clean, sanitized uniforms will make sure that staff starts the day properly. But, as they go from room to room visiting patients, they can pick up bacteria.

Using new gloves and aprons for each patient is essential; it helps to prevent bacteria and infection from spreading from room to room. At the end of the day, it’s vital to adequately clean uniforms and scrubs. If employees buy their own uniforms or clean them at home, there is a risk of doing it incorrectly.

A healthcare uniform rental service is the ideal solution. Staff can remove their uniforms at the end of the day and place them in a container. Using the latest cleaning techniques, we eradicate bacteria and germs from the uniforms. Fresh, clean and hygienic uniforms are ready for staff to start their work each day.

Proper cleaning of healthcare uniforms is vital

Wehn staff themselves clean their uniforms, or even if in-house laundries are in place, there is a risk of improper cleaning. In a hospital or healthcare facility, this risk is not worth taking. It is crucial to avoid bacteria and the spread of infection in a facility at every possible opportunity.

Staff taking their healthcare uniform home to clean can take bacteria home and pass these onto their families. If uniforms are cleaned in-home washing machines, bacteria may not be completely eliminated. That means the staff member brings it back into the healthcare facility the next day.

Healthcare uniform rental service

A professional workwear service takes care of the whole process for you. Your staff has access to clean and hygienic uniforms each day. Using a uniform rental service takes this task away from your team leaving them to handle their more critical daily tasks.

Medical uniforms are cleaned and handled to the highest standards. A healthcare uniform rental service will take care of handling medical uniforms separately. Elimination of bacteria and dirt happens during the cleaning process. Clean and hygienic uniforms are delivered in their own packaging. It ensures they remain clean and uncontaminated ready for your staff to wear.

Removing the responsibility of cleaning healthcare uniforms from staff actually improves morale. Providing healthcare professionals and other staff with uniforms also creates a sense of pride in the workplace. Here at Lindström, we work with many care facilities, medical centers, and hospitals. We know how important it is to clean medical uniforms properly. With our service, your staff always have clean workwear on hand when they need it. Our cost-efficient solutions can work within your budget and requirements.

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