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Schwan Cosmetics and Lindström in successful partnership

Schwan Cosmetics CR is the largest global manufacturer of wooden decorative cosmetics. The firm has a long tradition of producing wooden cosmetic pencils since 1927. It currently produces approximately 100 million cosmetic pencils annually, in 6,000 different varieties and types. Schwan Cosmetics CR manufactures cosmetics for many prestigious brands such as Avon, Chanel, Gucci, and L’Oreal. 

Lindström has been a reliable partner for Schwan Cosmetics CR for 14 years now. Their relationship began in 2007 in the area of employee workwear rental. Over the years, workwear services were supplemented by a doormat replacement and cleaning service for the entrance and production areas of Schwan Cosmetics CR. 

Schwan Cosmetics know the specific requirements of cosmetics manufacturing 

“The manufacture of cosmetic products places exceptional demands on workplace hygiene. Microbiological cleanliness of the premises, machines, tools, as well as of work clothes is absolutely critical for us. This is also why our work clothes are mostly white. On the other hand, white clothes, together with the exceptional colouring capability of cosmetic materials and the need for them to be comfortable and easy to wash, are a true challenge for work clothing suppliers. It is therefore of no surprise that in the past, we were looking for a suitable supplier. Prior to Lindström, we went through two others. We’ve been working with Lindström since 2007, so for 14 years now. For me, that’s proof that we finally found a suitable partner. They can successfully fulfill our strict hygienic requirements,” notes Jaroslav Jírovec, Managing Director of Schwan Cosmetics CR. 

At Schwan Cosmetics, Květa Bilanská is in charge of external vendors. For her, the most important thing is having a balance between quality of service and price for the service as a whole. She adds: “The main thing that I appreciate about Lindström is their accommodating approach and flexibility in meeting our requirements. Our collection of work clothes and requirements for clothes for individual employees are precisely defined according to a job position. There are not only differences in composition, but also in how often individual pieces of clothing need to be replaced. This system is quite demanding from the perspective of keeping a record of and tracking the circulation of a large number of pieces. With Lindström, I know even these stringent demands will be fulfilled to our satisfaction.” 

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