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Strict regulatory compliance requirements place special demands on partners serving the pharma industry

Serving the pharmaceutical industry is certainly not everyone’s business. The industry is very strictly regulated, and the compliance requirements are tight. At the same time, the industry has been growing in line with the increased demand. The need for increased capacity calls for efficiency without risking safety at any level, and here is where dedicated partners can be of help.  

Beijing Institute of Biological Products (BBPI) is the first and largest producer of the COVID-19 vaccine, passing the bio-safety inspection in August 2020. As demand for vaccines grew across the world, the institute realized it had to expand in all areas – including its laundry capacity.  

“Lindström has the professional and in-depth understanding of the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies, as well as excellent quality performance”, says Mr. Chen, Operation Manager at BBPI. He adds:  

“We wanted a qualified supplier who could offer a comprehensive solution, enabling us to focus on our core business while meeting the regulatory compliance requirements. Lindström was the natural choice”.  

The Chinese bio-pharma industry has blossomed over the past years, pursuing innovation in technology, business models, and business management. The development, combined with vast support from the Chinese government, has motivated many multinational pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out and expand deployment and investments in the region. The Chinese pharmaceutical market size is expected to exceed four trillion yuan (about 570 billion EUR) in 2022, in 2018 it was three trillion yuan (about 427 billion EUR).   

The numbers are reflected in Lindström China’s operations as well. The business has grown significantly in recent years, but Victor Wu, Sales Director in China Lindström, underlines that the success is not just about the increased market size;  

“We bring added value to the customers of the Chinese pharma sector, and I want to thank our own team for being able to create that value. We are immensely proud of BBPI trusting us and being able to help them focus on their core business.”  

Mr. Chen of BBPI is looking to expand the collaboration to their six other plants, expecting us to support their rapid growth with value-adding and sustainable services.  

“Lindström has already helped us pass several international audits, conducted by authorities such as the WHO and EU GMP. Together, we are fighting against the COVID-19 virus.”  

BBPI is not the only customer looking to expand their business with us. Fosun Group is already a customer through their Fosun Kite Biopharma, now they are trusting us with another group member, Henlius.   

Henlius is a global biopharmaceutical company offering high-quality, affordable, and innovative biologic medicines to patients around the globe. For the past couple of years, their focus has been on lean projects, growing their business in a healthy and sustainable way. One of the biggest parts of the development was their cleanroom garments outsourcing project, aiming to improve efficiency and enhance quality while closing their seven in-house laundries. Through in-depth conversations and meetings to map out wishes and needs, we are now delivering a comprehensive solution, enabling Henlius to focus on their core business – helping people worldwide with their oncology, autoimmune and ophthalmic diseases. All while meeting the regulatory compliance requirements.