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Alsco – Strengthening service in China

Aqcuiring Alsco Chinese operations and personnel allows better service from Lindström in China. There is a growing demand in China for a sustainable workwear solution which also meets international hygiene and safety standards. International companies often have bold sustainability goals, and they are eager to find alternatives to disposable or short-lived products. To serve our current and future customers better, we have strengthened our position in China via acquisition and investments.

Wider coverage and new capabilities achieved through acquisition of Alsco

In August 2022, we acquired the Chinese operations and personnel of American textile rental company Alsco. The acquisition expanded our ability to serve our customers in a wider geographical area. We can now provide better back-up and support for pan-China customers.

“We gained several benefits through this acquisition. Naturally, one of the key benefits is the know-how and experience of 110 new employees joining our organisation. It will give us valuable support to find new business opportunities such as the expansion of our service range and exploration of the customer segments that we serve,” explains Dennis Chan, the Managing Director of Lindström China.

“I am also convinced that we will find synergies in production and logistics. By adapting the best practices from both organisations, we may also improve the cost-efficiency of our service,” Chan continues.

Sustainability-driven investments

To further increase the geographical coverage of our service, we opened a new service centre in Wuhan at the beginning of this year. The plant continues the consistent development of more sustainable service.

It uses solar panels and steam generators to reduce the emissions from energy consumption. It has a series of water treatment systems, and water is also recycled in the washing process to optimise its consumption. The electric van delivers garments to customers and end-of-life textiles are recycled.

Our ambitious sustainability goals drive our actions. Last year, we recycled 70% of our textile waste in China. It was repurposed as new yarn for the textile industry, fillings, and isolation material as well as branded gifts for our customers. Our target for 2023 is to recycle 80% of our textile waste in China,” shares Chan.

Lindström also aims reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 7% yearly and is striving to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2035. “The investments in greener energy sources and customer deliveries support both our journey to carbon neutrality and our vision of enabling our customers become more sustainable with our textile services,” Chan sums up.

New cleanroom serving pharmaceutical customers in Southern China

In 2023, we are opening a new cleanroom in Guangzhou. It will serve the demand of the pharmaceutical companies in Southern China. Our Cleanroom service offers reusable garments and accessories for the pharmaceutical industry. They help to prevent contamination in the production area and thus ensure the safety of the products. To meet the growing demand of Northern China, we also increased the capacity in our Beijing cleanroom.

Our Cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices that meet the international requirements for hygiene and safety. Our service offers our customers a sustainable turn-key solution for their needs,” says Chan proudly.

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