Cleanroom service – guaranteed hygiene, safety and reliability

In highly controlled production conditions, people are the most common sources of contamination.  Cleanroom service ensures hygienic production facilities. Prevent harmful contaminations in your processes and ensure the safety of your products by  the usage of cleanroom garments.

You get a full service created with high professional expertise, fulfilling all of your professional needs and hygiene requirements. Today we are serving a large amount of cleanroom customers from multiple different industries, such as pharma, food and electronics. Cleanroom service is available in Finland, China and Russia.

Our cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP procedures.

Benefits of our service

We deliver cleanroom garments for your employees at agreed intervals. The volume of garments is directly scaled according to your needs, so there will be no shortage of garments at any point.


You do not need to tie up the capital of the company or personnel resources in garment acquisition, maintenance or storing.

We guarantee you workwear that are free from dust, viable organism or particles. Therefore helping you to run your business smoothly and safety.

We are continuously developing our cleanroom service by utilizing different innovations and technologies, such as RFID, through which we can provide customer specific online reporting about cleanroom garments’ status through the whole process, manage the garment lifecycle in a more transparent and efficient way.

Protecting the employee

Safe and functional cleanroom garments protect the employee against contamination and other safety hazards of their work.

Protecting the work

The cleanliness of the sterile cleanroom garment can prevent itself from becoming a source of contamination during work. It can help lower the risk of particle, endotoxin and microbiological contamination. Cleanroom garments protect the products against the particles shedding from the operators.

This is how our service works