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Making managing workwear easier

Always the right amount of workwear in the correct size

Katriina’s hospital is a medical rehabilitation hospital that is located in Vantaa, Finland. At the moment, the hospital consists of eight different wards that include a total of 163 beds.

– We have so many different functions here ranging from dental care to geriatric care to a wound center, to name a few, explains Tarja Mietola-Koivisto.

Smart workwear solution

Katriina’s hospital is a part of the wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava. For some time now, they have used Lindström’s workwear storage room to manage the medical and therapy staff’s, as well as the doctors’ workwear. The hospital also uses Lindström’s rental mat and washroom services.

– Before this era of workwear storage room, we did not have enough workwear and the workwear we had were often in the wrong sizes. Now, we always have the right amount of items available in the sizes our staff actually needs, Mietola-Koivisto praises. 

Digital workwear management

Each item in the workwear storage room is tagged. When an employee picks up an item of clothing, they place it on the registering device and use their access control key to mark it as checked out to them. When items of clothing are returned to the trolley to be washed, the installed scanners automatically mark the items as returned and checked in.

– With the eLindström service, we can track the cycle of clothes. If a certain item we have in storage is never used, we can return it. If a certain size or a whole group of clothing is running low, we can easily order more. This way, we do not have unnecessary workwear hanging in our workwear storage and our losses have decreased as well, says Elina Wuorivirta-Koivumaa.

Well-functioning service

The women sing their praises to Lindström’s services. All their questions have been answered promptly and the service has been friendly. They have also been happy with the quality of the clothes, as they feel soft and comfortable to wear.

– As a whole, we are very happy with Lindström’s services. Our cooperation has worked well. Our contact person goes the extra mile for us if needed. One time when hanger racks were accidentally left out from our delivery, our contact person hand-delivered them to us the very next day, Wuorivirta-Koivumaa says and smiles. 

The Katriina hospital in Vantaa, Finland has been utilising the Workwear Flex Solution since November 2021. The Workwear Flex service uses intelligent technology to make sure there is always enough clean workwear available in a customer’s onsite workwear storage. Our customers can easily monitor the amount of workwear in stock, in use, and in the laundry, and adjust it as needed.