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Making India plastic-free

Lindström India proudly announces its association with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), launching an innovative initiative to make India plastic-free.

Plastic is regarded as the biggest hazard to mankind and the environment today. With the objective to save the world from plastic pollution, Lindström India with FSSAI, has launched ‘Eat Right Jhola’ – the returnable shopping bags that are perceived to revolutionize shopping experiences with sustainable development opportunities.

The Eat Right Jholas (returnable shopping bags) are made from 100% recyclable cotton fabric and are suitable to carry 8 kilograms of weight. These will be available at the check-out counters of Lindström Indias partner retail chain outlets at a nominal price. Once used, customers can return the Jholas and get new ones. The returned Jholas will be thoroughly washed and sanitized to ensure superior hygiene and safety, and longer shelf life. With this project, we strive to promote the use of recyclable and cotton shopping bags instead of plastic, making this world a healthy and safe place to live in.

Launch of the Jhola

The Eat Right Jhola was launched on World Food Day, 16th of October 2019 in an event in India. The launch of Eat Right Jholas was acclaimed by honorable members, including Mr. Pawan Agarwal – CEO of FSSAI, Dr. K. Subramanian – Chief Economic Advisor of the Govt. of India, Dr. Harsh Vardhan – Honourable Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Arun Maira – ex-member of Planning Commission of India, and Shri Arun Singhal – Additional Secretary of Minister of Health and Family Welfare.

Returnable shopping bags conquering the world

An interesting and innovative new concept from Lindström is another step towards the plastic-free world. The demand for a solution is imminent as several legislative tiers from local municipalities to the EU level are implementing actions to reduce the usage of single-use plastic severely in the near future.

The Returnable shopping bag started its story from a co-creation project in Finland in 2018 and has rapidly attracted attention around the Globe. At this point, the bag has gained attention in Finland, India, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, and numerous other Lindström countries are showing interest. The goal is to replace all single-use plastic bags with reusable, recyclable and sustainable returnable shopping bags. The concern is worldwide and requires an ecosystem of sustainable companies, working towards the common goal.

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