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Owned by the City of Hämeenlinna in Finland, Linnan Kiinteistökehitys Lt provides modern business facilities. The company has been operating in its current form since 2014. Some 140 companies operate in the facilities managed by Linnan Kiinteistökehitys Lt, which has a wide range of facilities in the Hämeenlinna area, including in Visamäki, Moreeni and the city centre.  

Cooperation with Lindström began more than 10 years ago and they have access to Lindström’s washroom and design mat service. In addition, Linnan Kiinteistökehitys was involved in developing and piloting the new FlowAbility Washroom Solution’s reporting and visitor counter service. “Lindström’s diverse range of services has superbly addressed our needs, and the services have developed a lot along the way,” shares Anniina Nieminen, Customer Manager at Linnan Kiinteistökehitys.  

The FlowAbility Washroom Solution allows the optimisation of product quantities 

Linnan Kiinteistökehitys was faced with the need to harmonise the purchase of sanitary products, and it was decided after competitive bidding to purchase them from the same service provider. As a result, Lindström’s washroom service was taken into use. The intention was to facilitate the management of products and create a uniform look for the washrooms of all locations. With the unification, paper towels were replaced with more environmentally friendly cotton towels.  

The FlowAbility Washroom Solution in use by the company enables the optimisation of product quantities through constant consumption monitoring. “We can operate in an environmentally friendly manner and use products in such a way that as few of them are wasted as possible. Cleaners have access to phones from which they can see how much products are consumed and when they need to be replaced,” says Nieminen.  

It is also important for the company that the partner is close: “Lindström is a big player in Hämeenlinna, and we want to use a local company. If the product is running out for a temporary reason, new products can be put in place at the same moment. A service technician also checks the equipment every week. The cooperation has been fast and smooth,” notes Nieminen.  

“Reports allow us to better assess needs for change.”  

Linnan Kiinteistökehitys has been involved in developing reporting that is part of the new washroom service. Real-time product reports are available through the eLindström online service and can be used to track product quantities and consumption in different locations. According to Nieminen, the cooperation has been very close: “Our development proposals and ideas have been taken into account and reporting has been constantly modified to serve us better,” observes Nieminen. “The reports allow us to get a close look at the equipment stock, so we can better assess any need for change,” she continues.  

The visitor counter is used to monitor growth and development  

Linnan Kiinteistökehitys measures the number of visitors to different locations through the Lindström visitor counter. By using visitor numbers, they can examine the growth and development of different locations and verify the number of visitors. According to Nieminen, the visitor counter could also assist with product development going forward: “In the future, the visitor counter could be used to track visitor numbers in conference rooms and washrooms, for example, in order to further develop our products.”  

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