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Laundry for electronics cleanroom industry open in Tianjin

Lindström continues its investment in China by opening a cleanroom laundry for the electronics industry in its Tianjin service centre. The company provides electronics industry a turn-key solution with anti-static workwear. Additionally, the workwear washing and maintenance in the new cleanroom laundry. There are more than 2,000 electronics manufacturing companies in Tianjin that can benefit from the service. Most of them are located in the Binhai area where the Lindström service centre is based.

“Tianjin is one of the cities in China based on manufacturing. It has been home to several semiconductor giants and witnessed their growth in the Chinese market. These days, the electronics and semiconductor industries are highly competitive. Outsourcing workwear has become the preferred option for many of our customers,“ notes Dennis Chan, Managing Director of Lindström China.

Meeting strict standards and the future needs of electronic manufacturing companies

The new facility can wash 6,000 pieces of workwear every day. It operates according to ISO 5, the highest level of cleanroom hygiene. The workwear washing happens with 18 megaohms of RO ultrapure water. The laundry can fully meet the hygiene requirements of the electronics and semi-conductor industry.

“Tianjin e-cleanroom is Lindström’s fourth high-level cleanroom in China, including pharmaceutical and electronic cleanrooms. We will continue to plough into the Chinese market to bring professional workwear services to more companies in the future,” shares Chan.

The opening of the new facility was on August 24 at the Tianjin service centre. One of the speakers at the event was Xianghua Jin, Deputy Director of the management committee of TEDA:

“Tianjin has many electronic and semiconductor giants such as Samsung. As more and more enterprises settle into the economic-technological development area, we believe that Lindström’s professional workwear rental and washing services will help them to improve operational efficiency and ensure product quality.”

The new cleanroom operates according to the company’s sustainability principles and all end-of-life textiles are recycled. Its future goals are aligned with the group goals of reducing the carbon footprint of its operations. Lindström aims to halve its greenhouse gas emissions in the entire value chain by 2030. We aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

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