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Lindström awarded as circular economy pioneer in China

Lindström was honored with the Circular Economy Pioneer Award at the 7th annual flagship 2023 Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) Conference & Ceremony: Embracing the Critical Transition and Measuring Unexpected Impacts. The award acknowledges companies who put sustainable economic growth, green development, innovation, risk management and social welfare at the forefront of their values.

Lindström was acknowledged for its business model as a circular economy and its contribution to society and the environment. “We strive to maximise the lifespan of textiles and minimise the waste of resources. We reduce our environmental impact through the reuse of textiles and meeting the Lindström Group’s target of 100 per cent recycling of textile waste by 2025,” explains Dennis Chan, the Managing Director of Lindström China.

The event was organised by the European Chamber Shanghai Chapter on 6 September 2023.

The celebration ceremony was attended by guests ranging from executives of key industry players to renowned academics, from Chinese stakeholders to international organisations and representatives from EU embassies and consulates in China.

The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) have been held six years in a row, and this year a total of 65 applications were received from 54 companies and companies were given awards in seven different categories. The Circular Economy Pioneer Award is a new SBA award for 2023 that recognises companies that have excelled in the circular economy.

The circular economy is a key contributor to sustainable development that contains great commercial and social value for companies. In March 2020, the European Commission adopted the New Circular Economy Action Plan. As one of the main building blocks of the European Green Deal, it aims to reduce pressure on natural resources and create sustainable growth and jobs.

In 2021, China’s National Development and Reform Commission issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Circular Economy, proposing the basic establishment of a resource-recycling industrial system by 2025.

“It is our honor to receive this award. This is a priceless recognition of our efforts and actions to improve our processes in a sustainable way. As a Nordic company, Lindström is a forerunner in ESG vision and our circular economy workwear service provides a sustainable solution for our customers and our community,” remarks Chan. 

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