Comprehensive and flexible workwear service for pharma industry

As India is poised to become the future world hub for the pharmaceutical industry, it needs to pay heed to maintaining global manufacturing standards, one of which is the right acquisition and maintenance of workwear. The right workwear is essential in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to prevent the product i.e. drug or equipment or lab samples from getting contaminated as well as protecting the worker from being negatively affected due to the strong properties of the drug as well as from infection in a healthcare set up.

Lindström workwear solution is developed in consultation with the clients as per the various application areas within its requirement. As a part of its need analysis, the Lindstrom team conducts a survey of the various applications and suggests the right product for each of them. Even the fabric recommended varies based on the application with some requiring antistatic properties, some dust free whereas some could be clean room garments.

The design and materials are selected with attention to ensure that no foreign particles can reach the medicines. Lindström service centres adhere to the European Standard EN-SFS 14065, which guarantees the desired level of hygiene throughout the service process.

Lindström workwear services major advantages for Pharma companies:

  • Chemical and Thermal disinfection of textiles during washing.
  • Prevention and Control of Cross contamination and Microbiological Hazard on the garments.
  • Specialised laundry solution for oncology department.
  • Washing, repairing, replacement and Quality Control.
  • Delivery of Clean workwear, Locker Service and Pick up of used workwear.
  • Classified laundry

Lindström India offers the pharmaceutical workwear rental service across India which means you do not have to spend time on maintaining and storing your pharma clothes. See our pharmaceutical clothing collection which includes the protective overalls, trousers, hood, dust free boot and more.

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Hygiene of the work environment and work wear is extremely important in the healthcare and pharma sectors.
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