Workwear locker service – an additional value in our workwear service offering

Our locker service is an efficient way to ensure the cleanliness in locker rooms and to guarantee your employees always have enough clean clothes available. With our 5 or 10 compartment lockers, employees have individual access to their personal workwear without confusion and lost uniforms. Our service representative delivers clean workwear directly to the personal lockers and collects used garments for laundry from the separate collector locker. Our workwear locker is the best way to store uniforms in a hygienic way and keep your premises tidy.

Benefits 1

Always have clean workwear available in the right size

Benefits 2

Hygienic and organized way to store personal workwear

Benefits 3

Keep your premises neat and clean

Locker dimensions and details:

  • Locker dimensions 186 x 38 x 46 cm.
  • Height 186 cm.
  • Width 38 cm.
  • Depth 46 cm.
  • Choice of 5 and 10 user lockers and also a locker for worn garments.
  • Individual compartments are lockable have their separate keys.
  • Tidy and well organized alternative for hanging clothes and garment bags.


We deliver clean workwear directly into the personal lockers and pick up used garments for laundry. The oraganised locker system ensures hygiene and cleanliness at your work place.