MOP service


Effective cleaning of cleanrooms and controlled environments is a critical process captured in the ISO 14644-1 standards and recommended standards such as IEST-RP-CC018.3. Cleanroom cleaning must meet the highest standards. Equipment must provide thorough removal of all particulate and microbiological contaminants.

A unique solution

Therefore, we offer a complete cleaning concept. The system is tailored for use in cleanrooms and
controlled environments and is in accordance with ISO 14644 and GMP A+B directions. Our unique
cleaning system is certified and offers reusable solutions of the highest quality. Mops of fine polyester
capture and retain particles, thus minimising contamination.

Mops - lindstromgroup


Re-Usable mops prevents cross contamination during cleaning.

RFID technology serving you with all data documentation.

Mops made out of 100% PES Microfibre.

externally validated cleaning process and calibrated equipment.

Packing in Autoclavable Pouches

Durable reusable mops/wipes decontaminated in environmentally conscious process