Workwear for the Food Processing Industry

Food Processing Industry Workwear Available From Lindström

Our workwear service rental offers a vast range of quality food production uniforms, approved to meet the latest health and safety regulations. The garments are the best you can wear, protecting workers from liquid spills, grease, and sticky food substances.

Why choose to lease your workwear uniforms from Lindström?


Clean working clothes are always available


Cost-efficient solution – no need to allocate the money in stocking the workwear


Circular economy – small impact on the environment 


Workwear fulling the hygienic norms and work safety regulations

Rental Workwear for your food production!

It is imperative that food industry workers have access to hygienically clean uniforms every day to carry out their work and present a professional image. Lindström’s workwear rental services are a convenient solution that ensures your team has enough clean uniforms at the start of every shift. We ensure buffer uniform stocks are available for exigencies.

Workwear rental is a smart economic option that is kind to the environment and removes the hassles of multiple vendors for supplying, personalizing, laundering, and repairing damaged uniforms.

Whether your teams are packaging sandwiches in a bustling factory, dishing up meals from a food counter at a supermarket, or serving attendees at a conference, it makes sense to rent your uniforms.

Our team will visit your workplace, understand your needs and challenges, and provide complete workwear solutions for your workers to ensure you rent clothes that are a perfect fit and comfortable to wear over long shifts.

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Create a stir with our uniforms for the food industry.

Lindström provides the food industry with a selection of quality workwear clothing to choose from. We can supply a comprehensive range of food industry workwear including Overalls, Jackets, Caps, Head Cover and Trousers. Created from the finest materials our food production workwear is of the highest standard.

Our workwear is designed after a deep understanding of food processing industry needs in terms of challenges in fabric, garment designs, and current supply chain issues. Our creations are appreciated by customers and have won rave reviews for their appearance, feel and comfort.

Branding of your workwear is an option you can choose to exercise even for your noncustomer facing staff.

Our workwear service is here to simplify your workload and ensure your staff always have access to clean and hygienic clothes. our sizing experts will visit your company to ensure that your team gets a comfortable garment to wear.

Not only has our protective clothing for food handlers been designed to keep your staff safe but they have also been designed for style and comfort. Our uniform designers have held intense discussions with leading figures in the food industry to provide catering staff with the uniforms they need to fulfil their roles. That is why our jackets are available in many sizes, come in short and long sleeves and boast straight sleeve openings that are adjustable with press buttons. Made using lyocell, our food industry clothing offers optimum moisture transportation. Our trousers also provide staff with a full range of movement and can be personalized to complement your brand.

As a company, we provide food companies with the widest selection of protective clothing for food handlers. Check out our range of workwear below.

We take immense pride in providing firms with the finest food industry workwear designed to keep you safe at work.

Your role could demand working with various food substances that leave a stain on your workwear. Certain substances can be a source of contamination if not washed correctly. With our workwear rental and laundry service, you can guarantee your staff will have access to hygienically clean work uniforms every time they start their shift.