FIELDS OF USE : protective mask for use in rooms with controlled contaminations and working in aseptic conditions, same as people use in pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, alimentary, cosmetic and electronic factories, or in hospitals, chemical and microbiological laboratories.

STERILIZABLE : resistant to many cycles of sterilization with clean steam, with γ and β rays at 25kGy. These treatments does not cause alterations in the transparency of the lens and any shape deformation of the frame (during the sterilization take care to avoid the elastic strap touch the lens). After many cycles the lens could become yellow, and it can be replaced with a spare lens if necessary.

COMFORT : the design allows a long time of use, maximum transpiration, large field of view and use over the prescription glasses.

Reusable Cleanroom Goggles


As per the GMP guidelines & market demand to completely cover the operator in a cleanroom production
has introduced a new kind of responsibility for companies, operating in cleanroom environments.
Particles, shed by operators, can contain bacteria, threaten to put your production at risk and jeopardise
your company’s earnings. Therefore, as much as possible of the operator’s body must be covered fully
with garments, Goggle & PPE.

To help you find the right solution, we have developed a service for rental, decontamination, packing and
delivery of goggles – protective glasses for cleanroom environment. It leaves no risk of contamination
and ensures an optimal hygiene level.

• Cleaning process – mechanically or manually decontaminated, packed, reducing potential risk of
contamination in your cleanroom and/or products
• Traceability – Strap with RFID for tracking and documentation
• Quality control – systemic inspection and replacement through RFID technology
• Compliance – certified goggles for use in aseptic areas.
• Packing in Autoclavable Pouches