Pharmaceutical Industry towards an efficient and collaborative future

With the global spread of COVID 19, the Pharma and Healthcare Industry is poised for an exponential growth in terms of demands for vaccines, Wellness products as well as High usage of medicinal products. As companies are trying to keep up the production of key drugs in uncertain circumstances and many are racing to develop a Coronavirus vaccine at an unprecedented speed, it is crucial that the operations must run as smoothly as possible. Since the demand for more efficient and compliant practices grows, pharmaceutical companies are looking into building an Integrated Ecosystem by deeper collaboration with stakeholders, regulators. It is also having strategic goals such as standardized processes, optimized tools, and infrastructure, improve efficiencies, Sustainability, environmentally friendly practices, making the most of new technology and building networks.

For the pharmaceutical industry, building strong networks and supply chains is mainly driven by the need to focus on their core business and drive innovation. Outsourcing can be a step towards greener practices, too. A good example of this is the humble workwear.
“The role of the garment is as important as the raw material for the medicine. If it is not there, the entire manufacturing process stops.”

Pharma heading towards a circular economy

Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has used a lot of single-use, plastic-based garments that either end up in the landfill or are incinerated, depending on the conditions they have been used in.
“Shifting to reusable garments means a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated”

Industry is also focusing on enhance protection of the product, meeting stringent regulations, optimisation of energy and water conserving solutions. In this, efficient laundry services play a big role.

The next step is to move towards a circular economy and find ways to reuse the materials of discarded workwear. Meanwhile, the focus is on testing how to prolong the lifetime of the workwear and utilise the materials more effectively.

Outsourcing means there is less to worry about

When companies are looking into outsourcing services, their main concerns are compliance and data integrity. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world and keeping up with the requirements takes up time and resources.

“For a company, it’s an asset if they have a dedicated and reliable partner who follows the field and proactively develops processes accordingly.”

The industry-wide Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) ensures that products are manufactured and controlled according to quality standards. For garments, this means that all items must be always accounted for.

Rental textile solutions for Pharma industry

Globally, the market for workwear service is growing as the industry is also moving away from ownership to availability. By opting for rental services, the manufacturing companies’ must pay only for the number of cloths used rather than make upfront investment in uniforms for their employees.
There are broadly three drivers for textile rental services – safety of the employees, prevent contamination or damage to the product that is being manufactured, and protect the image of the company. Ensure optimal hygiene levels while adhering to regulatory guidelines on the pharmaceutical industry.

By choosing rental textile services, Industry can concentrate on its core business and ensure an uninterrupted supply of services. With outsourced textile products and accessories management, it can base its decisions on facts while it will always have up-to-date information on services available. The transparent textile solution helps to improve operational efficiency and ensure that Industry have the right textiles in use, every day. Such solution also helps to reduce indirect costs and follow good documentation practices by offering real-time reports for its use. It also ensures digitally supported service with cGMP compliancy, Product as well as personnel safety, Savings on natural resources and stronger brand image.

Lindström Workwear Services

Lindström is the organised rental workwear service company providing a reliable, flexible, and economic way for companies to look after their workwear, releasing time and resources for their core business. “Every industry requires uniforms for their workers, and, for this, the company have to invest in designing, purchasing, maintenance, stock keeping, etc of the uniform. Lindström takes care of the entire process and provides clean workwear to lockers of our customer. With our services, the customer can focus on its core business without any worry about availability of uniforms,”

Lindström is constantly figuring out how to make the process even more environmentally friendly, whether it is making the life cycle of the garments longer or finding ways to reduce the amount of plastic used in packing the washed clothes”. At Lindström, we use smart digital technology to provide companies with an item-level audit trail. The data shows us how long the garment has been used and when and where in our service cycle it has been scanned,”

“With our customers, we have reached up to 40% savings in water consumption. When you add this to replacing disposables with reusables, it makes a big difference environmentally.”

“The main thing is that the customer has one less thing to worry about. They can focus on their core business and be assured that there’s always the right amount of clean, hygienic, and safe garments to use.”

Lindström has a dedicated team working on improving the laundry processes from the ecological perspective – while making sure the stringent hygiene standards are being upheld.

Our services for pharma industry
Cleanroom garments and Workwear
Cleanroom accessories and consumables
Cleanroom mops and wipes

For the pharmaceutical industry, outsourcing does not only mean an increase in efficiency and compliance but a way to make operations environmentally more sustainable and have business continuity support. To know more visit: www.Lindströ

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