Workwear is a visible part of the corporate image

Presentable, appropriate work uniforms are an essential factor from the perspective of occupational safety and feeling comfortable at work. We offer the correct workwear solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes and for different fields – from health care to maintenance, from the food processing industry to the heavy metal industry. Tested, durable materials and rightly designed workwear ensures the safety of the employee.

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Tyovaatteet tyontekijan suojaamiseen

Protecting the employee

Safe and functional workwear protects the employee against the hazards involved in work.

Tyon suojaaminen

Protecting the work

We know the professions in which protecting the work itself is the most essential thing.

Tyontekijan tunnistettavuus

Unified image

Workwear also communicates about the profession and helps to identify the employee.

Benefits of our service

We deliver on a weekly basis clean and maintained workwear for your employees in their own locker. The volume of workwear is tailored to your needs so there is no shortage.

You do not need to tie up the capital of the company and personnel resources in workwear acquisition, maintenance and storage.

Unified workwear gives a convincing first impression, improves the recognisability of your employees and increases the professional pride of your personnel. In addition, workwear that matches the corporate image supports the overall brand, creates an image of your company and increases the comfort of your employees at work.

Our development team works on continuous improvement of products to make them compliant in line with the latest SAFETY legislations & standards.

This is how our service works

Measure icon

Needs assessment and procurement

We will plan together with you a collection specifically for your company and workwear fitted to each employee and take care of the textile procurement for you.

Laundry icon

Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain the workwear as well as repair and renew them when necessary. We will also store workwear on your behalf.

Deliver icon


We will deliver clean and maintained clothing on a weekly basis to each employee’s own locker or a predetermined place.

Recycle icon


We will take care of textile recycling and ecological disposal of discarded workwear.