We serve our customers locally round the world

Our services make the everyday life of our customers easier by offering solutions in the fields of cleanliness, protection, interior design, profiling and hygiene. Our customers get to focus on their core competence, our service experts take care of the rest.

In order to build long-term customer relationships, we aim to offer services that make the everyday life of our customers easier. Our services are reliable and cost-efficient as well as including controlled and high-quality customer service. In order to be able to give our customers the best possible service, we invest in the competence of our personnel. It is our vision that our personnel be known for the incomparable service they provide and are capable of building a true partnership with our customers.


We listen to our customers

Mutual trust stems from joint understanding. We listen to our customers in order to understand the individual needs of every customer.



We anticipate customer needs

We aim to be pioneers in mapping customer needs. We develop our services to match the needs of our customers.

We develop our operations

We are continuously developing our services, the competence of our personnel and processes in order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible service expertise.


Anastas Kaloyanov, Manager of Porsche Sofia East, agrees, explaining that this is precisely why Lindström has remained a partner of Porsche since 2010.

OSI Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Setting the standards OSI Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd is a leading processor of frozen and chilled foods, supplying to...

Biocon Ltd

Biocon Ltd., Asia's premier biopharmaceutical company, is a pioneer in bringing the benefit of high quality, yet affordable, novel biologics and biosimilars to patients in India and other emerging markets.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Dr Reddy's has a global presence in more than 100 countries, with subsidiaries in the US, UK, Russia, Germany and Brazil; joint ventures in China, South Africa and Australia; representative offices in 16 countries and third–party distribution set ups in 21 countries.


A unified, tidy and functional work outfit is an essential part of what customers of the service and sales department experience when visiting the Veho showrooms. Professionalism and corporate image come across to the customer when the workwear and facilities are tidy and in line with Veho’s brand.


Raskone Ltd has set environmental responsibility as a key goal alongside the quality and service goals. Raskone believes that customers expect and require companies to increasingly observe the environment and its protection in their operations so environmentally-friendly solutions in textile acquisitions have also been observed.

Mondelez India

In the food processing industry, hygienic workwear is vitally important. The laundry quality must be good and the transport and storage must ensure that no contaminants find their way onto the workwear.


The workwear should be comfortable to wear, without compromising the hygiene requirements emphasised in the food processing industry.


Urban, youthful, trendy and distinctive. These are the characteristics of Alepa and the same was expected of Alepa’s new workwear in addition to good functionality.