Information for Lindstrom’s suppliers for goods and services

We at Lindstrom prefer long term partnership with our suppliers for goods and services.

Our suppliers shall be reliable, financially sound companies who act in accordance with national and international legislation and agreements, respect human rights and pay attention to protection of the environment in their operations. Suppliers, who have a documented and certified management system are prioritized.

Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements set the responsibilities towards our stakeholders and the environment.

The sustainability of our supply chain is defined in our Code of Conduct, which is based on SA8000.

It defines the basic requirements set on Lindstrom Group and its suppliers of goods and services concerning their responsibilities towards their stakeholders and the environment. Our Code of Conduct includes the requirements for acting according to laws and legal systems in respective countries, prohibition of corruption and bribery, requirements to respect human rights of employees and their health and wellbeing, prohibition of use of child labour and commitment to protection of the environment.

All our suppliers and their sub-contractors are obligated to sign the Code of Conduct as a part of the agreement/contract and act according to it.

Lindstrom General Terms for Purchases

Lindstrom General Terms for Purchases are applied in case no valid frame or other equivalent agreement or is not available.


Quality Assurance Manual (Products) sets the guidelines for quality of purchased goods and materials

Our quality control for all inbound goods is based on our Quality Assurance Manual (Products). This manual is to guarantee that our customers can always rely on our good quality. The Quality Assurance Manual (Products) the entire supply chain from planning to production and delivery.

By the Manual we want to secure that the goods and materials are manufactured in accordance with Lindstrom instructions and standards. We also want to secure that the inspections and the documentation is uniform and that the results are measurable.

The Quality Assurance Manual (Products) is divided into two volumes, Volume 1 covers the Lindstrom Group level instructions valid for all our product categories. Volume 2 is divided in 7 product categories covering the specifics of the various product categories of Lindstrom.

The suppliers are requested to familiarize themselves with respective section in Volume 2 in addition to what is written in Volume 1.

The Quality Assurance Manual (Products) is available in English only.

Download our Quality Assurance Manuals from below (PDF)