CarePro collection – For professionals of hospitals and other health care institutions

The collection’s products have in common their classic design combined with a youthful cut. All the collection’s products are well-fitting and comfortable to wear, and above all, all wearers look stylish and feel good in their workwear.

Our collection offers an extensive range of workwear for professionals of various fields and different kinds of users.

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ProPharma collections- Workwear rental services have a major advantage for the drug manufacturing Cos.

Highest levels of hygiene are guaranteed in the user’s garments achieved through validated washing processes  and there is never any shortage of garments for the user. Lindstrom offers a wide range of products for the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary area of the Pharma manufacturing process and has solutions for the entire value chain in the segment starting from Bulk drugs,  API, Formulation, Injectibles .

We offer specialised laundry solutions for Oncology & Classified Cleanroom as per ISO & EN guidelines

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PowerPro collection – Flame retardant garments tested for Automotive & Engineering workforce and best suited to OEMs

The protective clothing is designed specific for different function of automotive & engineering professionals to ensure full safety to the industrial workforce.
We lift customer’s working conditions so they are clean, safe and efficient.

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FoodInPro collection – Meeting all the food safety requirements

In workwear design, we have paid attention in particular to the material, the placement of pockets and the comfort – not forgetting the strict hygiene requirements.

For its food industry customers, Lindstrom offers extensive workwear and protection solution destined to ensure the efficacy of production and guarantee security.

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ElectroPro Collection – A comprehensive workwear solution for electronics industry. Lindstrom critical wash process is designed to maintain ESD property while washing the garments.

Products are tested and they qualify the standards EN / IEC 61340-5-1 and test method ESD STM 2.1 after 50 wash.


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HoReCaPro collection – For the needs of different restaurant and institutional catering kitchens and service staff

Our extensive selection offers workwear for professional use – shirts, tunics, chef jackets, trousers and aprons – making it easy to combine a uniform workwear solution for your entire staff. In our workwear design, we have paid attention in particular to the appearance, practicality and the fit of the clothes, the ease of movement, and the functionality of the details.

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WorkerPro collection – For various light and heavy industry and maintenance jobs

Our workwear designed for demanding professional use meets the toughest requirements of employees in terms of both functionality and looks.

In our workwear design, we have paid particular attention to the practicality and fit of the clothes, the ease of movement and the functionality of the details – both indoors and outdoors.

WelderPro collection – For welding and hot work

Certified in accordance with the following standards:

EN ISO 11611:2007 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
EN ISO 11612:2008 Clothing to protect against heat and flame
Protection class 2 – protects in situations where more sparks and heat radiation are generated.

EN ISO 11611 class 2; EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, E2, F1

HighVisPro collection – Visibility for demanding working conditions

Certified in accordance with the following standards:

EN ISO 20471, High visibility clothing.
EN 342, Ensembles and garments for protection against cold


Workwear EX-spaces

MultiPro collection is our workwear collection for people working in electrostatic spaces.

MultiPro uniforms are certified according to to EN 531 and EN 1149-5 standards.


Chemical protective clothing

Chemical protective clothing protect employees from occasional small amounts of liquid chemical splatter.

The protective uniforms are certified according to EN 13034 standard.

Our personal protective equipment also include chemical protection for head, eyes, respiration, feet and hands and arms.

Protective clothing for cleanrooms

Cleanroom clothing protect work process from harmful particles. Our collection includes everything for cleanroom workwear from undergarments to cleanroom hoods, overalls and footwear.

Textiles are produced from multifilament fabric which does not shed particles during use.




Company specific workwear

We can design with you individual work clothes or an entire customer-specific collection. As a result, you get a workwear collection that is good-looking and fitting, suits your company’s style and is guaranteed to stand out from the competition.

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