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eLindström – At your service at all times

We at Lindström want to make our customer’s life easier. We offer our customers smooth-running textile rental services, which allow them to focus on their own business.  The eLindström online service supports our customers to be more efficient – and sustainable.   

eLindström is an online service designed to help the customer to keep track of and make decisions on the use of textiles easier. With eLindström, the customer has access to up-to-date information on textiles’ use and saves money by cutting away any excessive usage of textiles, helping them be more sustainable. With transparent and real-time data, customers can optimize their processes and ensure that they have the right textiles in use, every day.  

The renewed online service has received heaps of praises from customers as they can now place orders and review the processes faster. Customer communication has also improved as the important updates and messages can be reviewed anytime, anywhere. When the information is always up to date, it also supports the work of Lindström customer service representatives, as it allows them to truly focus on better customer service. 

How will eLindström make your life easier?  

  1. Make new orders, track your products, and easily manage inventory.  
  2. Manage your services and follow the status of your services requests.  
  3. Full reports on your orders, invoices, and products are available in real-time, also on your mobile device.  
  4. Always know your next delivery date.  


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