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During CX week we celebrate true partnerships

The first week of October is a special week for all of us at Lindström. That week, we celebrate our co-operation with our customers by making it more visible. Before explaining more what the Customer Experience (CX) Week is all about, we would like to wish happy CX Week to all our customers and partners! We are excited to collaborate and succeed together with you.

We have been organizing CX Weeks on a yearly basis since 2018. The purpose of the CX Week is to develop and strengthen the customer experience culture at Lindström and to celebrate our customers, of course. In 2019, the CX Week was especially exciting, because we got a chance to welcome our customers and the guest speaker Thomas Kolster to join us in exploring the topic of how a sustainable brand can offer excellent customer experience.

CX Week 2020 is held on 5th to 9th October and this year’s topic is True Partnership, which is especially close to our strategic goal of being the desired partner and succeeding together with our customers. To me personally, True Partnership means that you are genuinely interested in the partner, always helping them in whatever is needed, without your own agenda. A true partner is there to support, even if it doesn’t necessarily play well for them.

Understanding the future together

The year has been challenging. COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way our customers, partners and we at Lindström operate. However, the pandemic has shown how important true, strong, and trustworthy partner relations are. Listening to the customers, understanding them, showing empathy, and offering a helping hand in these difficult times have been the key fundamentals in Customer Experience lately.

Our customers and their businesses are also influenced by megatrends: digitalization, climate change, aging population – these are just a few examples.  As we want to succeed together with our customers, we need to support them in accelerating the continuous development and renewing processes to stay current. This is exactly what the Lindström Lounge community is dedicated to. Through this community, we want to support our customers to be or become the best experts in their field by offering them unique insights into the future. By immersing ourselves in the challenges of various industries, we also get the information we need to better serve our customers. The Lindström Lounge customer workshops utilize both community-based insights as well as data from future researchers, and the results are unique perspectives on future challenges and opportunities.

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