Responsibility also for the environment in cleaning heavy dirt and oil

Raskone is a company providing repairs and services for commercial vehicles and passenger cars with locations around Finland. Raskone offers maintenance for lorries, vans, trailers and passenger cars as well as material acquisition services mainly for work machine equipment and commercial vehicles. To serve better their customers they launched a new night service line. This way they can maintain cars and trucks even at night time and customers can enjoy their day time without interruptions. Raskone employs 490 people.

The environmentally-friendly solution starts with textile materials

In repair and service operations, textile materials must be durable and strong to guarantee employee safety. Workwear must endure maintenance while they are in heavy-use and in regular circulation. Workwear must also reflect the company image, be functional and match the corporate look.

In garage operations, a lot of difficult dirt is accumulated on the textiles, some of its hazardous waste. Raskone has focused all its textile acquisitions on Lindström whose solutions help its all operations for getting ecological in clothing, industrial wipers, mat, and towel maintenance.

Raskone Ltd has set environmental responsibility as a key goal alongside quality and service goals. Raskone believes that customers expect and require companies to increasingly observe the environment and its protection in their operations. This has been encouraging the company to set high standards for having environmentally-friendly solutions in textile acquisitions.

A comprehensive solution which fills all the needs

Lindström takes care of Raskone’s workwear and protective clothing, absorbance mats, industrial wipers, shop towels, and hygiene products nationally. Raskone has been Lindström’s customer since the 1990s. Lindström’s vehicles visit Raskone’s locations weekly bringing clean textiles and taking used textiles for washing and maintenance.

The scale of collaboration is considerable because Raskone has over 5500 pieces of workwear alone. The workwear collection was totally renewed in 2014 when Raskone was revamping its look. Raskone listens very carefully their employees and based on the feedback, they decided to further develop workwear collection for their service representatives with Lindström. To guarantee the satisfaction and safety of their employees, some new models of workwear was added to their selection in 2019.

Well-planned use of mats efficiently absorbs dirt from outside. In the garage and service station facilities, difficult dirt, such as oil and grease, is cleaned with Lindström’s industrial wipers, absorption mats, and cotton towels. Every year over 5400 kg of hazardous waste on the products is processed responsibly at Lindström.

Hand towels that they use are also recyclable ones. At the end of the lifetime, the cotton towels produce 2 kg of waste per towel once the roll has been exhausted. With a similar amount of wiping using disposable paper, the waste generation would be approximately 80 kg.

How much Raskone saves the planet while having workwear as a service?

280 000 liters water savings per year

334 kg detergents per year

8888 kWh of energy per year

14 731 kg CO2 emissions per year

To help you to choose right workwear

With the help of this mini-guide, you will get it right when it comes to workwear:

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