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Electrotek and Lindström’s clothing cooperation in India

Electrotek is a leading manufacturer of antistatic clothing in India. The company’s unit in Bengaluru manufactures garments solely for the needs of Lindström’s customers. As a result of the partnership with Lindström, the Bengaluru unit has grown from a unit of 22 to a production plant employing 140 people. 

“We mainly employ women. For us, it is a matter of honour to be able to offer enough work to secure their workplaces and livelihoods. We want our employees to produce high-quality products, which I believe will only happen through their well-being at work. Currently, we are in the process of expanding our production facilities. We are paying attention to the well-being of staff in the design,” explains T.K. Shankar, Director of Electrotek. 

“We meet our contact persons at Lindström a few times a month for one or two days at a time. We then go through products, work methods and premises,” says Shankar. “Together we develop our operations to correspond to Lindström’s requirements. This goes as far as both corporate responsibility and product quality is concerned. Sometimes the targets are challenging, but there is trust in our abilities and desire to develop.” 

“Electrotek is a typical Indian clothing manufacturer for Lindström. We selected the supplier according to strict criteria. Operations are monitored through close collaboration and regular audits,” shares Sourcing Director Kristiina Tiilikainen. “We are also glad to be involved in the development projects of our suppliers. For example, in the expansion of Electrotek’s production facilities. We examined the plans together a year ago. I also just visited the plant to ensure the plans are being carried out as agreed,” notes Tiilikainen. 

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