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Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport: Textiles as a part of the hotel experience

Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport is an airport hotel in the dynamic and large Aviapolis area. The hotel is part of the Nordic Choice hotel chain, which has around 200 hotels in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, and Latvia. The hotel has a total of 258 rooms on eight floors.    

Lindström and Comforta are close by each other as a part of the everyday life at the hotel: they have Lindström’s workwear, mat and hygiene services, as well as Comforta’s restaurant and hotel textile service.  

Scandinavian atmosphere and trendy details    

Design mats with the “You look great” slogan greet guests at the hotel doors. From there, the festive red mats lead directly to the hotel reception. There are also different messages on the mats in front of the elevators. 

Acting Hotel Manager Valtteri Lyytikäinen

“We want to bring the brand and our message forward with hidden messages and slogans around the hotel,” says Valtteri Lyytikäinen, the Acting Hotel Manager.  

The hotel rooms come with Comforta’s sheets, towels, and bathrobes. Lyytikäinen emphasises the importance of fresh ambiance and cleanliness in hotel rooms. “If the room is not top quality and clean, the guests will notice it immediately. Especially the cleanliness, appearance, and comfort of the bed should always be in shape.”   

The cleanliness of the toilets is also an important part of customer satisfaction. The public toilets of the hotel use cotton towel dispensers to help prevent paper waste and keep the environment tidy.  

In addition to accommodation, the hotel invests in restaurant and bar services  

The hotel has a large restaurant, versatile conference facilities and a lobby bar where there is a daily need for restaurant textiles. Lindström’s workwear and Comforta’s napkins and tablecloths are used. “In a restaurant, textiles should be stylish, clean and of good quality,” notes Lyytikäinen.  

Coherent workwear was designed for the restaurant staff, which is a visible part of the company’s image: “Each of us is part of our team and staff, and we also want to show it,” Lyytikäinen says. With the help of the workwear service, all employees can focus on their work without having to worry about washing their clothes. “Especially for the chefs, clothes get dirty easily and need constant washing. That’s why workwear service is important,” says Lyytikäinen.    

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