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High hygiene standards combined with circular economy

High hygiene standards is the most effective protection from microbes and viruses. A locally produced textile service that is certified and in compliance can help you with this.

In addition to hand hygiene, workwear also plays a key role in the fight against virus epidemics. The main downside of disposable protective clothing is the amount of waste it generates. However, high standards of hygiene and an environmentally friendly circular economy are not mutually exclusive. At Lindström, we combine them naturally in our daily work. We design and provide durable workwear as a service that protects the wearer in the working environment.

Standardized microbiological purity management

The most effective and environmentally friendly method is a textile service that locally produce hygienic and certified textiles as a service. We are talking about microbiological purity management in accordance with the EN 14065 standard. In this process, we use thermal or chemical disinfection. It destroys microbes to ensure hygienic and sustainable products for its user. Microbes include bacteria, viruses as well as yeast and mold fungi. These procedures help us to ensure safety both for the user and the user’s surroundings.

When it comes to treating laundry exposed to infectious diseases, we follow the so-called closed laundry cycle process meant for infected laundry. In such a process, there is no contact with the infected textile before washing it. The customer packs the textiles in a water-soluble plastic bag and encloses it to a yellow laundry bag. This enables our service representative to safely retrieve the infected textiles. During transport, we keep the infected textiles separate from other textiles. There is a dedicated place for them inside the laundry too. At the laundry, the textile care worker places them directly into the washing machine inside the water-soluble plastic bag. The washing process uses either thermal or chemical disinfection to ensure a hygienic end result. After washing the products safely, we can be safely handle them in the usual way. Lastly, we deliver them back to the customer.

High hygiene standards in Cleanroom Service for sterile production facilities

In our Cleanroom Service, textiles are always hygienic. We wash them correctly and pack them properly in ISO classified controlled environment in accordance with even stricter hygiene requirements. The contamination by both microbes and particles must be prevented. We do that by controlling the concentration of particles with ISO 14644-1 standard and microbes according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures. The textiles can also be sterilized, either by us or the customer. This way, we can be sure to meet the customers’ quality requirements also in segments with enhanced hygiene requirements, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

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