The fast-growing Chinese pharma sector counts on us!

To reach our strategic goals for growth we focus on certain industries. This current wave of development will target pharmaceutical production, health care, and food processing sectors. In China, the pharmaceutical market is expanding rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. It is estimated that sector-wide revenue will surge to €411 billion by 2030.

Novo Nordisk Pharma – a trusted partnership

As a market leader for cleanroom services in China we are committed to providing value-added services as well as sustainable development solutions for the rapidly growing Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the specific garment needs of pharmaceutical companies, we have already become strategic partners with many top pharmaceutical production companies in China, and this number continues to grow. One of these companies is Novo Nordisk Pharma, the world’s leading biopharmaceutical company, with whom we’ve been a strategic service partner at their Tianjin production base for more than a decade.

“There were many unforgettable challenges in 2020…but thanks to Lindström’s expertise and responsiveness we made it!”

Our cleanroom service has guaranteed that Novo Nordisk’s hygiene and clean workwear are compatible with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). As Novo Nordisk’s Grace Wang, Facility Engineer in Tianjin, points out, “Lindström became proactively involved in the establishment of our Tianjin production base back in 2009. During these 10+ years, we passed GMP certification several times – thanks to the reliable service quality and in-depth know-how Lindström provides.”

Best Service Partner of the Year

Facility Director Mr. Shan is presenting the thanks banner to our on-site service colleague Ping Li.

Novo Nordisk named us their ‘Best Service Partner of the Year, 2020’ from a total of more than 400 suppliers. They stated the award was in part to acknowledge our capability in handling numerous emergency needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Grace Wang comments, “There were
many unforgettable challenges in 2020, and the way Lindström secured our daily production by providing uninterrupted cleanroom workwear service was definitely one of them. In June 2020, influenced by the 2nd wave of COVID-19 infections, our Beijing laundry was forced to shut down for one month. This caused some worry for us since our production relies very much on specialized workwear services, but Lindström seamlessly transferred the cleanroom laundry from Beijing to Shanghai to ensure uninterrupted production. The 1200 km distance between Beijing and Shanghai could have created huge challenges with regard to both contamination risks and service timeliness, but thanks to Lindström’s organizational expertise and responsiveness we made it!”.

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