Lindström celebrates the working women of the world – launches a new line for protective clothing

Presentable, appropriate workwear is an essential factor for occupational safety and wellbeing at work. Lindström is now launching a new line of protective workwear line aimed especially for women. The garments are designed to fulfill the strict demands for safety, ergonomics, and freedom of movement for different industries.

“This is our first line of protective workwear aimed at women. In the past, women have had to use men’s garments, which hasn’t been an ideal solution. Good garment fit is very important for the safety of the worker, and we’re happy that we can now support the women working in the heavy industries by offering this new women’s protective clothing line.” comments Anne Vääri, Product Manager in charge of the project.

Lindström offers rental workwear as a service for companies and organizations of all sizes and different industries. Workwear rental is a cost-efficient solution that saves money and natural resources while strengthens the image of the customer with uniformly branded garments.

To help you choose the right workwear!

With the help of this mini-guide, you will get it right when it comes to workwear:

  • Buy or rent workwear?
  • How to be sure that you have workwear that complies with legislation?
  • Meeting your industry’s challenges. Every industry requires different functionalities from their workwear.
  • What are the biggest differences between buying or renting?

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