Workwear made in Latvia

When our customer gets the garment that is manufactured in our own factory in Latvia, they can trust that it is prepared with love and care only for them.

In a beautiful town of Tukums in Latvia, Lindström has something very unique: our own garment factory. And not at all a regular factory, but one that is fine-tuned to deliver garments to customers fast and only based on need.

Inga Jaakola, Managing Director, Lindström Prodem Latvia

“We have all the elements for success: the best people and the most modern facilities you can imagine. The textile industry is a handicraft industry, so 99% of our success depends on having the best people working for us. The rest is automating and optimizing the process and technology,” says Inga Jaakola, Managing Director of Prodem Latvia.

The whole point of starting to produce garments in our own factory is to make clothes only based on customer need, not on stock. While offering our customers fast deliveries, production on demand also helps to fight against textile waste since we manufacture only what the customer has ordered.

A common project at Prodem is an existing customer needing a new jacket to replace a damaged one. Since it is a replacement order, it goes to the “fast lane” and will be ready from cutting, sewing, buttoning, folding and packing in one day.

Gusts Dzenis and Santa Heidingere and their team are the ones that take care of the very critical part of the process: cutting the fabric.

“Our cutting process is almost fully automated and we try to optimize the use of the cutting machines as much as possible. This saves us a lot of time and makes the rest of the process also run smoothly,” Gusts explains.

Santa prepares the cut files to cutting. Her story is interesting since she was a baker before joining Lindström.

“I had no previous experience in the textile industry, but I am eager to learn new things. I started as a cutting operator and was then offered the possibility to learn tasks of cutting assistant. It would be great also to learn how to sew one day,” Santa says.

Building a global network for Prodem

We are expanding our own clothing manufacturing. In addition to Latvia, we now have our own unique workwear factory also in India, where we manufacture workwear directly to the needs of our customers and with fast delivery. In 2019, we expand our garment-manufacturing network to Hungary too. Manufacture only for a real need is one way of reducing environmental impact. This way the products are produced nearby with minimized transportation and are not produced unnecessarily for the warehouse.

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