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Top quality supported by social responsibility at Triest-Val

Triest-Val is one of Lindström’s most important suppliers in Europe. Triest-Val’s 170 skilled sewers produce up to 20,000 work clothes for Lindström per month. The company has ambitious goals for developing and maintaining quality, putting a lot of effort into social responsibility. 

“Satisfied and well-trained employees are the key to a company’s development and growth,” asserts Valentina Tšernomorets, CEO of Triest-Val. 

Born in Ukraine, Tšernomorets founded the family business in 1993. The company is located in Estonia and supplies work clothes to Lindström’s customers all over the EU, and also to Great Britain, Türkiye, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

Social responsibility high on the agenda 

Over the years, Triest-Val has made numerous investments not only in new technical machinery and equipment, but also in working conditions and employee wellbeing. The goal is to ensure high quality in production. 

“We constantly invest in new machines, equipment and production control, both in sewing and cutting. In addition, we find it very important to have our own canteen and social facilities with showers and changing rooms. We also do local charity work among our employees’ families,” shares Tšernomorets. 

The work for the employees shows as excellent results in the annual anonymous personnel survey. In addition, the company has won the annual Best Workplace award in Estonia every year since 2007. 

To keep up with the constantly evolving sewing techniques and product models, continuous training of employees is also a top priority. To give some perspective, Triest-Val’s product offering includes more than 3,000 different workwear models. 

According to Tšernomorets, focusing on employee wellbeing and training is directly reflected in the quality of the products. She says the company rarely receives complaints. 

Close and practical cooperation with Lindström 

The close cooperation between Lindström and Triest-Val has lasted for more than 25 years. The company started as a local supplier of Lindström’s first foreign unit, and after successfully continuing with the cooperation, it became a regional supplier. 

Over the years, working methods and techniques have undergone massive development. Today, the companies cooperate closely in, for example, product development, in order to serve customers as effectively as possible. In workwear, products are getting more and more complicated and new technical details are added constantly. 

“Together with Lindström, we are in active dialogue on practical implementation of new features. For example, the introduction of a new fabric requires discussion of how it behaves in production,” notes Tšernomorets. 

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