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New ETSA manifesto highlights the critical role of the textile service industry

As a member of the European Textile Service Association (ETSA), Lindström is proud to launch a new manifesto for the textile service industry ahead of the European elections. The ETSA manifesto emphasises the industry’s commitment to driving a sustainable, skilled, and energy-efficient economy.

The vital function of the textile service sector in the operation of society’s infrastructure is underscored by the fact that the great majority of hospitals, hotels, food processing and pharmaceutical production facilities would have to close their doors without a steady supply of sanitised textiles.

As a European Commission Climate Pact Ambassador, ETSA promotes sustainable practices and green transition of the industry. The document strongly emphasises sustainability. It highlights the industry’s innate circularity, recycling techniques, and the development of sustainable practices. These include cutting back on energy, chemical, and water use. The dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and the acquisition of new skills is also emphasised.

To create a future that strikes a balance between economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion, ETSA urges European governments to acknowledge the vital contributions made by the industry and to work together. “Our manifesto is a call to action for all stakeholders to join us in shaping a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous for all”, affirms ETSA’s Secretary General, Elena Lai.

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