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Subsidiary of the Year 2023 at Lindström is Hungary

At Lindström, we have a long tradition of choosing the subsidiary of the year. We evaluate the healthiness of our subsidiaries using selected criteria, as defined by the Group Management Team. This January, we once again celebrated our countries’ commitment to excellence. Hungary brought home the award “Subsidiary of the Year” – for the second consecutive year. Congratulations to the entire team in Hungary! Ukraine came in second place, followed by India in third place.

Balázs Piniel, Managing Director in Hungary, who received the award on behalf of the whole team. Balázs view on what brings success to Lindström Hungary is having a strong team with good people, in addition to being precise in operations.

“Pay attention to the detail. If you just look at the award itself, it is comprised of many, many different aspects. So, take care of everything, take everything regarding quality, customer experience seriously. Support your people; people go first; I always say that. As bigger people than me said earlier: if you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers.”  

See the full interview with Balázs here:

​​​​​​​Congratulations team Hungary, Ukraine, and India. Keep up the fantastic team work. We look forward to seeing you continue to shine in 2024.

Lindström Subsidiary of the year Hungary
Subsidiary of the year winner teams: Hungary, Ukraine, and India.
Jari Vihervuori accepted the Subsidiary of the year runner up award on behalf of team Ukraine.
Jari Vihervuori, Vice President for region Finland, Baltics, and Ukraine, accepted the award on behalf of Ukraine.
Subsidiary of the year runner up India
An assembled squad received team India’s award.
Balázs Piniel and Juha Laurio at the award ceremony.
Balázs Piniel and CEO of Lindström, Juha Laurio at the award ceremony.
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