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Inspire wellbeing for leaders: one pill per fortnight 

In a dedicated effort to generate awareness and educate our leaders – as well as support and inspire wellbeing mentally and emotionally – the southeast region of Europe took on a unique initiative.

A comprehensive “Wellbeing Pills” series was crafted as part of the regional Learning and Development plan. The goal is to support leaders in their work to lead Lindströmers and cultivate We Care culture. The series addresses a number of wellbeing-related topics, sent via email to leaders every two weeks during autumn 2023.  

Fostering emotional intelligence and personal growth

The content of these wellbeing pills extends beyond conventional wisdom. They cover a diverse range of topics aimed at enhancing emotional intelligence and fostering personal growth. Once every two weeks, the leaders received insightful doses of knowledge. They include components of emotional intelligence, tips for learning from failure, stress management strategies, self-awareness techniques, and ways to differentiate urgent tasks from important ones. The emails delved into intriguing concepts, such as thinking hats, understanding how emotions drive actions, managing overthinking, empathy, internal versus external motivation, steps to declutter the mind, mindfulness, navigating difficult discussions, the art of active listening, and effective stress management. 

At Lindström, we inspire wellbeing mentally and physically for our leaders, who lead our employees.

“We believe that our leaders play a big role in fostering a positive and thriving work culture. They are boosting peoples’ wellbeing – also through their own example. With this small gesture, we were able to keep this topic in their minds throughout the autumn. Simultaneously we educate them on these topics, which to some of them were totally new. Now, they are equipped with a better understanding of different kinds of strategies to inspire wellbeing around the company. We hope to continue the work with more tangible topics in the future,” explains Arzu Ergüner. She is the mastermind behind the initiative in the region. We are looking forward to see the outcomes of the wellbeing pills, and inspiring wellness among all of our employees at Lindström.

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