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Nordic Floors: The Bamboo Man only accepts the best wiper towels!

Jukka-Pekka Kallio, Nordic Floors

Jukka-Pekka Kallio, who is also known as the Bamboo Man, is the person behind Nordic Floors, a company specialising in floor-to-surface materials. Situated in Lapua in Finland, Nordic Floors is the only company in the Nordic region that manufactures oak parquet floors and bamboo floor using a technology based on LED oil waxes. 

Cooperation with Lindström began when the Bamboo Man learned that Lindström’s industrial wipers are an efficient way of cleaning oil. Nordic Floors had problems getting the rubber rollers used in production free from oil wax: “It was really difficult to remove the wax, but wiper towels proved to be an efficient way to clean the equipment. We also use acetone, and wiper towels have an excellent composition for removing it,” shares the Bamboo Man. He says that the industrial wiper service makes everyday life easier: “We can clean up things much faster than with the ordinary rags that we used previously. We had to use vast amounts of them before the equipment was clean.”  

The Bamboo Man also finds industrial wipers to be a responsible choice: “Before, the rags went straight into the garbage, but now wipers are washed at Lindström and reused. By recycling, we can act in a responsible manner.” The Bamboo Man asserts that he is happy with the service.  

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