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Lindström Group to sell its operations in Russia

Lindström has completed negotiations on the divestment of its business operations in Russia in accordance with what was published earlier this spring and signed an agreement on local management buy-out. The transaction is estimated to be closed by the end of November 2022.  

With this transaction, Lindström ends all its local operations in Russia and transfers all its responsibilities including employees, customers, suppliers, legal and regulatory to the new owners. 

Lindström Group has been operating in Russia since 1993. In Russia, the Group has a total of 10 service centers and about 500 employees. In 2021, Russia accounted for about 7% of the Group’s turnover. 

For further information, please contact: 

Juha Laurio, President & CEO, Lindström Group, juha.laurio@new.lindstromgroup.com 


Lindström is a family-owned textile service company based on a circular economy. With 4,700 dedicated employees, we provide responsible and easy-to-use textile services to our customers in Europe and Asia. We offer our customers safe and hygienic solutions to ensure the best possible customer experience and at the same time help them to act more responsibly. In 2021, the Lindström Group’s turnover was EUR 432.5 million.www.lindstromgroup.com 

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